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Street Painting & Chalkboard Art.

Live Street Painting

Anniversary parties, grand openings, festivals, concerts and more… We come to you and create a one of a kind temporary work of art in front of your business! The art lives on in pictures that the fans take during the event!

Corporate Functions

We can come to your event and great your guests with an interactive street painting. Done live, crowds enjoy watching the process of the creation and then have an opportunity to get involved by becoming part of the art!

Chalkboard Walls

Need a way to decorate your office or store? We can create chalkboard art that can be changed as often as you like using chalkboard paint and chalk. These works of art add personality and custom art to your space.

What is street painting?

Street Painting is a physically and emotionally challenging art form. It is usually pastel chalk or tempera paints on the pavement or sidewalk. It can be a spontaneous act, a way to get an idea out to the public, an artist trying to make a living or part of an organized event. Large events or sponsors often hire featured artists to create custom works. Some of the 3D works are interactive, inviting the public to become part of the art.

Defined by the International Street Painting Society

What is the process of street painting?

  1. Artist creates sketches for client approval.
  2. Artist arrives, cleans the area, tapes off the space.
  3. Artist covers the space with 100% washable tempura paint.
  4. Artist sketches outlines of artwork, sometimes using a grid system.
  5. Artist colors in the area using pastels and chalk.
  6. Artist finalizes details of the artwork.
  7. The final piece is complete, when the tape is removed.

Want to see what we can do for you?

Tell us about your event or space and we will create a customized piece of artwork for you!

Bazooka Digital is a professional member of the International Street Painting Society.
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