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SWOT 224.

Let a mentor show you how to succeed.

Project Description

SWOT224, a division of SCORE Palm Beach, needed a logo and brochure design for an upcoming seminar. Bazooka Digital worked with the SWOT224 team to create their new image.

The concept behind the abstract portion of the logo is as follows:
The two blue sides are the internals — the strengths and weaknesses of the SWOT, because blue tones options represent stability and confidence. The green and yellow sides represent the externals — the opportunities and threats, because those colors represent environment, growth, energy and of course, money. All of the shades were pulled straight from the SCORE branding guidelines. The doubling of the shapes represent SWOT working together with the business to achieve the goals (hence there being two per color).

Project Details

  • Client SCORE Palm Beach
  • Tags Graphic Design, Logo Design

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